Examples of animals that start with a

The animal is a multicellular living being that has the ability to perceive sensations of various stimuli, in addition to being able to be in continuous movement by its own means. It stands out for having eukaryotic cells with which it has a cell nucleus with DNA and photosynthetic pigments , for being heterotrophic by ingesting various living beings through its internal cavity that converts them into energy, and for having a normally sexual reproduction.

The morphology of this living being can be very different, there are those of a microscopic size like a mosquito and of an enormous size like an elephant, and the same thing happens with the external and internal structure . Another of the most important characteristics of the animal is the place where it lives and interacts, being able to be terrestrial (land) or aquatic (water).

There are countless animals on planet Earth and this time some of the many that begin with the letter ‘a’ are going to be shown.

Mammalian animals that begin with a

  • Elk: it is part of the cervinos family, being the largest of all and has a kind of morphological similarity with the deer since it is chestnut brown.
  • Antelope: it comes from bovids (goats, bulls) and is usually large, it also stands out for being a viviparous animal and for having  two antlers on its head .
  • Donkey: grouped in the equids, it is usually gray and even brown or white in color and stands out for having especially long ears.
  • Armadillo: it is special because it hides from the hunting animals in a place that is made of bones and it also serves to protect it from the cold or the heat.
  • Squirrel: a small rodent, with a reddish or black color and lives in various ecosystems, especially in green places in the metropolis.

Birds that start with a

  • Bald Eagle: It is characterized by being robust and capable of flying very quickly, and although its name indicates that it has no hair, its head is actually full of feathers.
  • Accentor: a sweet brown and black bird that lives in different parts of Europe, specifically in the lower areas of the trees.
  • Agapornis: It is part of the parrot family and is native to the African continent , it is also known as ‘the inseparable’ since it has a solid connection with its partner.
  • Ostrich: It is different from all other birds as it is the largest and does not have the ability to fly, although its black and white wings allow it to run.

Reptiles starting with a

  • Ameiva: comes from the genus of lizards, many of them live on land although they are passionate about digging through the vegetation in search of food, especially in the area of ​​America and East India.
  • Anaconda: the best known snake of all for its 2-meter anatomy and is found in areas of high rainfall in South America.
  • Ágama: it has a rough, scaly and flat body, it is found in India and Africa, and its nature leads it to eat small insects.

Other animals that start with a

  • Tuna
  • Agija
  • Bee
  • Amoeba
  • Anchovy
  • Spider
  • Aligote
  • Wasp
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