Examples of animals that start with D

The animal is a multicellular living being that normally has the ability to feel and move, and also contains many eukaryotic cells that do not have a cell wall and photosynthetic pigments. It is characterized by having sexual reproduction and being heterotrophic , its feeding is done through an internal concavity and it may feed on other living beings.

Regarding its morphology, the animal is classified in small sizes like a centipede and in large sizes like an elephant, another classification is the habitat where it is found,  which can be aquatic or terrestrial.

Mammals starting with D

  • Dolphin: the dolphin is a viviparous mammal and is located in an aquatic environment that is classified within the cetaceans and has more than 25 species, has a length of about 3 meters and only has one nasal opening, and finally it is piscivorous since it feeds on fish.
  • Tapir: the tapir is an animal of Venezuelan origin that is located in lowland areas,  is linked to rhinos and horses and is ordered within the perissodactyls as it has odd hooves.
  • Dromedary: the dromedary is a mammal from Arabia originating from the Camelidai family, it is true that humans have caused them to be inserted in other places and some have managed to flee and create somewhat wild populations.

Fish starting with D

  • Sea bream: the sea bream, also called slipper, is a white fish classified within the Sparidae. In general, it lives with more fish in salty sea waters that are not very deep, around 150 meters.
  • Dentex: the dentex is a fish classified in the sparids that lives in the Atlantic Ocean and its name derives from the enormous teeth it has, a bone piece that it uses to hunt its prey stealthily.

Birds starting with D

  • Dodo: The dodo was a bird that originated in the Mauritius Islands and inhabited places in the Indian Ocean, and stood out for not having the ability to fly and being extinct in the 18th century due to different causes of human beings.
  • Diuca: the diuca is a species of bird that is more commonly known as Yuca. One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it has a melodious and slow song that it performs in the mornings and is used as inspiration for some poem writers.

Reptiles starting with D

  • Thorny devil: the thorny devil is a unique lizard that is characterized by having a kind of horns all over its anatomy and that is why in some cultures they treat it as a type of evil and kill it. Despite this, it is normally found in the wild but is not at risk of extinction.
  • Komodo dragon: the Komodo dragon is a sauropsid classified within the varanids and is found in Indonesia. A species of lizard of a fairly large size since it measures 3m and weighs 65kg, and due to its size it is one of the largest predators within its ecosystem.
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