Astral map: what is it, what is it for, how to interpret it? Check out!

What is a birth chart?

The astral map or natal chart is a very explored resource in the field of astrology which shows the correct position of the stars and zodiac signs in relation to the Earth at the time of a person’s birth.

Many use the birth chart as a way to explain their personality or even predict events , or find reasons for what has already happened. This is because, according to Kabbalistic astrology , the position of the stars at the moment we are born directly influences our way of being.

However, the settings of a Natal Chart are only repeated every 26,000 years, so it is almost like a fingerprint , that is, there is no one like the other .

For a correct and accurate interpretation of the positioning of the planets and their aspects, it is necessary to consult an astrologer .

What is a birth chart for?

The main objective of a birth chart is to lead people to self-knowledge , to understanding their personality traits, knowing their gifts, difficulties, tendencies and talents. With this information, it will be easier to bring out the best in you and increase your chances of success in different areas of life.

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What is the meaning of each planet in the birth chart?

Each element, i.e. each planet in a birth chart carries an important meaning that helps to explain the poignant aspects of a person.

Therefore, it is important to have prior knowledge about each sign , in order to understand your birth chart more precisely.

Check out in the list below what each planet in the astrological chart means .


It is the main sign, that is, if you were born on June 16th, your Sun is Gemini. In it, the way we are presented to the world is represented, and what is our most notable and essential personality trait.


The moon represents how we feel in our intimate life, it is linked to emotional and feelings.


It is the planet of communication and emotional intelligence. It shows how one deals with emotions in a more practical way.


It expresses what attracts you in the world, especially relationships .


It shows how a person spends his energy on everything, how he reacts and puts his energies into certain actions; ranges from fights to more intimate relationships.


Jupiter points out the energy that can help in a given situation. For example, those who have Jupiter in Gemini have a great ability to communicate, so they end up using this ability to benefit from a problem they are going through.


It presents a person’s limitations, and what challenges them.

As for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto , they represent the most collective personality, that is, of a generation of people, they are planets that are not directly linked with the particular personality of each.

How to interpret a birth chart?

To interpret someone’s birth chart, or even one’s own, one must have knowledge of some information, such as the exact date and time of birth and the place where the person was born.

With this data, it is possible to have access to that person’s map and, thus, help them, whether in understanding characteristics and trends, or facilitating problem solving and decision making.

Remember, it is necessary to have a load of previous information to understand a birth chart, such as, for example, understanding a little about the aspects of each sign and what each planet represents.

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