Astrology: what it is, concept and definition. Know more!

What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of the influences of astronomical phenomena on people’s lives , that is, it is a pseudoscience according to which the relative positions of celestial bodies could provide information about personality, human relationships, and other matters related to the life of the being. human and Earth.

The word originates from the junction of the Greek terms astron , which means “star” or “astros”, and logos , which means “study”. In this way, astrology would initially be known as the “ study of the stars ”.

Astrologers (those who work with astrology) use information about the position of the Solar System’s planets, constellations and other movements of celestial bodies to predict the future or draw a profile about people’s personalities .

The oldest records show that astrology emerged approximately in the third millennium BC It played an important role in the formation of cultures , and its influence is found in ancient astronomy, the Vedas, and various disciplines throughout history.

Astrology varies from culture and civilization, as each one develops its own way of interpreting the stars and stars as a direct (and indirect) influence on the life of living beings on Earth.

Some of the tools for studying astrology are horoscopes and signs , and from these, birth charts .

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What is astrology for?

The main function of this pseudoscience is to define the particular personality traits of a human being . It can also indicate the possible ways of transforming these traits, predicting possible future events.

Astrology and Astronomy

The concepts of astrology and astronomy already assumed the same role until the Modern Age. However, currently we have some divergences in their concepts, and even causes confusion in some people.

Astronomy took on a different concept in the 18th century, with the official removal of astrology from academia.

In this way, astronomy is the science that studies all the celestial bodies in the Universe , without necessarily focusing on the influence of these bodies on human personalities.

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