Examples of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an area that includes several disciplines and uses a group of biological and chemical techniques, processes and methods that are very useful in pharmacy, medicine, food, agriculture, etc. Living cells are used for the production and improvement of drugs, foods, and other products useful to humans.

There are different kinds of biotechnology :

  • Blue: applies in the aquatic environment
  • Green: applied in agricultural production with transgenic plants
  • Red: used in medicine to create antibiotics through microbes
  • White: used in industrial companies in general

Example of biotechnology: elaboration of transgenic foods

To make transgenic foods it is essential to use genetic manipulation techniques to different living beings , for example, plants, animals and seeds. The main objective is to improve the speed of production, the quality and the duration of the food.

Biotechnology Example: Gene Therapy

Instead of the patient with a disease taking drugs that can have very harmful side effects, biotechnology has proposed gene therapy. This is based on injecting genetically modified DNA into the cells of the sick patient to fight the disease.

Biotechnology Example: Bioremediation

Bioremediation is based on the use of microorganisms to reduce the substances that pollute the environment , such as fungi and bacteria. It is normally used in order to obtain an improvement in contaminated water or soil.

Biotechnology Example: Proteomics

Proteomics is a very recent example of biotechnology and has aroused much curiosity among scientists. This is the large-scale study of proteins, both their structure and their functions , since they are vital molecules for living beings as they form part of metabolic pathways. Proteomics is used to identify proteins and characterize their post-translational changes.

Biotechnology example: DNA analysis

Today DNA analysis is a genealogical study that is used in clinical laboratories for biomedical research. Wisdom about the genetics of living beings is used to detect some medical aspects such as diseases or susceptibility to them, prenatal diagnosis or paternity testing.

Example of biotechnology: manufacturing of detergents

Biotechnology also encompasses the production of detergents through enzymes , that is, proteins specialized in controlling the chemical reactions of the organism. They are proteins that help clean and remove stains and grease that are not so easily removed.

Example of biotechnology: pharmacogenomics

Pharmacogenomics is defined as the technique that analyzes the molecular and genetic bases of all diseases so that new ways of treating them can be created.

Objectives of pharmacogenomics:

  • safer drugs
  • stronger drugs
  • disease location
  • Reduction in the cost of health care
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