Difference between Climate change and Global Warming

Climate change refers to the modification of the meteorological patterns of the global climate, while global warming only contemplates the increase in the average global terrestrial temperature.

The following question is also very common: what is the difference between global warming and climate variability? Climate variability corresponds to climatic fluctuations in small periods of time, around 10 years. It may be that for certain reasons there is a period of time when it is hotter and that has nothing to do with global warming or climate change. Global warming corresponds to long periods of time and climate variability to shorter periods

What is climate change?

Climate change is the modification that occurs in the weather patterns of the global climate . As mentioned, climate changes have been very frequent throughout the existence of the Earth. However, currently, due to the consumption and production style of the human being, it is accelerating due to the increase in the greenhouse effect .

The greenhouse effect is a natural method of regulating the earth’s temperature. Thanks to it, a certain amount of heat is retained in the earth, allowing the presence of water in a liquid state and, therefore, the existence of living beings. However, the temperature it retains is increasing due to the increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with human activity.

Such activities are the causes of climate change (pollution or contamination), well, rather its acceleration; these are:

  • Burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas).
  • Deforestation.
  • Fires caused by human activities.
  • Large-scale ranching.
  • Use of nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Consumption of fluorinated gases.

difference between climate change and global warming

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What is global warming

Global warming corresponds to the increase in the average global terrestrial temperature due to natural causes. Coming out of an ice age, the global average temperature is slowly increasing. However, for the reasons already mentioned, it is increasing at an uncontrolled speed if we do not soon change our way of acting locally and globally. The causes of accelerated global warming are the same anthropological causes as those of climate change.

Relationship between climate change and global warming

The relationship between both processes is that due to the increase in global warming , due to the anthropological effect, that is, due to how we carry out our habitual activities and due to the type of activities that many of them are, climate change is accelerating a speed that the Earth cannot self-regulate . Changes in the planet’s meteorology will generate the following consequences:

  • Melting of polar ice and retreat of high mountain glaciers.
  • Decreased albedo due to melting ice, raising temperature.
  • Sea level rise and associated flood damage to coastal areas.
  • Changes in sea currents due to the reduction in the volume of salt.
  • Permafrost thawing and associated damage.
  • Regional climatic variability.
  • Alteration in the water cycle and reduction o
  • f its quality.
  • Famines related to crop problems.
  • Increase in tropical diseases.
  • Modification of ecosystems.
  • Loss of biodiversity.
  • Increase in fires.
  • Uncontrolled flooding due to rain.
  • Infrastructure damage.
  • Economic impact.
  • Migrations and wars.

Being a global problem, it is necessary to face it globally, with the consensus of all countries. If economically developing countries continue with our current model of uncontrolled production, GHGs will skyrocket even higher. We must take responsibility and cooperate with other countries and help them improve their quality of life in a more sustainable way, in addition to modifying ours. Generally, we live beyond our means, so we must deconstruct ourselves globally to rebuild ourselves in a sustainable way.

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