Differences between coriander and parsley

The cilantro and parsley are confused very often. When we go to the market and we have two plants that at first glance look exactly the same, it is often a problem to choose the correct one. An easy way to differentiate them is that the  aroma of coriander and parsley leaves  are very different, since coriander has a much more intense smell. coriander and parsley

coriander and parsley

However, we know that in a market or greengrocer it is very difficult to pay attention to details like that. Not only do they look alike, but their uses in the culinary routine are also very similar. This is because they are both members of the Apaceae family , which by the way is the same carrot and turnip family. Parsley and coriander, despite everything, are two very different plants from each other, with subtle differences in appearance, taste, and culinary use.

The coriander

First of all, the easiest way to tell them apart is by looking at the leaves. The coriander leaves are more rounded and their green color is lighter than the color of parsley. Coriander is strong and citrusy in flavor.

In terms of sizes, coriander is much longer, since the plant can reach 70 cm in height and its roots are shallow. The coriander that grows in Europe tends to produce a small cream colored fruit in the shape of a ball and with a certain citrus smell. In addition, the flowers of the plant are white-pinkish.

As for its use in the kitchen: the leaf is commonly eaten in salads, soups, meats and consommés. In addition, coriander is considered to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it is rich in magnesium, iron, and fiber. coriander and parsley

Parsley coriander and parsley

The parsley leaves are pointed and have a more triangular shape. Its green color is brighter and a little darker. It has a very mild flavor, which is why it is generally used as a garnish.

coriander and parsley

Parsley is much smaller than coriander, measuring around 25-30 cm. Its roots come out in the form of a tuber and the flowers of the plant are greenish-white. In the kitchen, parsley is used to eat in salads, soups and meats. And its roots are not wasted because there are those who use it to prepare stews. In addition, parsley is a container of high levels of folic acid and has vitamins A, C and K. coriander and parsley

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