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What does antagonist mean?

Antagonist is a word of Greek origin meaning ‘rival’ or ‘opponent’. It is often about characters, people or a company that oppose someone who is in the role of protagonist. definition of protagonist and antagonist

The concept of the word is often attributed to villains, however, it cannot be considered a synonym for this one, as in a situation where a bad character is the protagonist, the being who will fight him will be considered the antagonist.

Protagonist and antagonist

Protagonist and antagonist have opposite meanings, that is, they are antonyms. definition of protagonist and antagonist

Protagonist is that main character, who has the plot around his life, his actions, etc. definition of protagonist and antagonist

The antagonist, as stated above, will not always be the villain, but will always have the role of making life difficult for the protagonist. definition of protagonist and antagonist

An example is the movie “Birds of Prey” where the villain Harley Quinn plays the role of protagonist and the police officer Renée Montoya (who pursues her) plays the role of antagonist.

However, the antagonist will not always be a person or a character, it may even be the environment, as in the movie ‘The Martian’, for example, where the American astronaut Mark Watney is the protagonist and the environment of Mars is the antagonist. definition of protagonist and antagonist

Synonymous antagonist

The following words are considered synonymous with the term:

  • Competitor, Adversary, Opponent, Opposite, Competitor, Opponent, Rival, Enemy, etc.

Antagonist and Agonist

Agonist is a term used in pharmacology   is a receptive drug that causes certain actions to produce a response to the increase or decrease in cell activities. definition of protagonist and antagonist

Antagonists, in turn, have the function of decreasing the action of the agonist, serving as a blocker.

The definition of protagonist and antagonist

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Maintained by journalists Diogo Mainardi, Mário Sabino and Claudio Dantas, the site has a right-wing ideological aspect and aims to oppose the opinions that define the country’s politics and economy.

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