Difference between white chocolate and normal chocolate or dark chocolate

Among the favorite desserts of people is chocolate, perhaps the preferred one by many of the people in the world for its delicious flavor and the number of recipes that you can make with it. There is a wide range of chocolates with flavors, and even different colors, which vary depending on the ingredient they contain and the way they are prepared, one of the most common is milk chocolate and white chocolate. But many wonder what the difference is between these and how is it possible that, if the chocolate is by nature brown, they can make it a white color. white chocolate and dark chocolate

white chocolate and dark chocolate

Normal chocolate or dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a little cocoa butter that is the fat of this, sugar and cocoa powder; It is used mainly for the preparation of desserts and is the most sold. Dark chocolate tends to be crunchier and has more flavor because it contains more cocoa solids . It contains more fiber, less cholesterol, and more minerals. white chocolate and dark chocolate

white chocolate and dark chocolate

White chocolates

It is not chocolate as such, it is a product based on cocoa butter, but the amount of cocoa solids is low. It is prepared in the same way as dark chocolate.  But with the difference that it contains more fat (cocoa butter) than solids, that is why its flavor is weaker and is usually softer and melts easier; Because it contains more fat and more sugar, it is not as recommended for consumption and is not as sold as chocolate. The color is a little more yellowish, like ivory. white chocolate and dark chocolate

white chocolate and dark chocolate
white chocolate

The more cocoa a chocolate contains, the more antioxidant polyphenols , which is why dark chocolate is the most recommended. Both products are used in confectionery, however dark chocolate is the most common and sold for its versatility in recipes, drinks and has even been proven to provide certain health benefits. This does not mean that white chocolate is banned, that it is prohibited in the market or is harmful to people’s health, it only means that normal dark chocolate is more used and more common in the market due to its higher cocoa content. and naturalness. White chocolate, like dark chocolate, is used in cosmetic and beverage processes .

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