What is the difference between Cappuccino and MokaWhat is the difference between Cappuccino and Moka

Among the coffees made with milk, cappuccino and mocha are two of the most popular. Although originally they are coffees that were served hot, in recent years their consumption as cold drinks and frappés has become more popular. Both are two alternatives to the bitter or strong taste of coffee, because being reduced with milk and, in the case of mocha, complemented with chocolate, they are more pleasant for some.

Speaking of mocha, it can be prepared with dark chocolate or with white chocolate, in the case of the mocha and white mocha varieties.

Comparison table

What is it? Cappuccino is a drink of Italian origin that is prepared with an espresso base (25 ml). To this is added hot milk steamed to give it texture and volume (125 ml) and milk foam (between 3 and 5 cm).

It is served in a tall mug.

Also called mocha or mocha. It is similar in ingredients and preparation to cappuccino, however, mocha differs from cappuccino in that the former has chocolate among its ingredients.

This gives it a peculiar flavor and has made it the “sweet” drink of choice for many people.

Ingredients Espresso and milk. Espresso, milk and chocolate.
Mixture Layers of espresso, hot milk and foam should not mix in the cappuccino. On the contrary, the difference between the three components must be clearly marked when serving. The mocha, unlike the cappuccino, goes with all its ingredients well mixed. In the end, the mocha gets a deep brown color, similar to the color of dark chocolate.
Flavor Due to the separation of the layers, the coffee flavor is usually more concentrated, stronger. Although it is sweet because of the chocolate, the intensity of the coffee flavor continues to be perceived.

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