Difference between deny and refuseDifference between deny and refuse

Homophone words are those that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings. The words reuse and refuse are homophones. Many people confuse them, however it is important not to do so because each one has its own meaning.  difference between deny and refuse deny 

Denial in English means:

Pronunciation / den /
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VERB : difference between deny and refuse

The verb denies, denies the verb, denies the verb.
1 by objecting that one refuses to acknowledge the truth or existence. difference between deny and refuse
“Both companies deny any responsibility for the tragedy”
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Denial of recognition of an event (concept or statement supported by the majority of scientific or historical evidence)
“An anti-environmental campaign group that denies climate change” difference between deny and refuse
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He refuses to give (something) to (someone) with 2 things

“The investigation denied access to information sources”
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Deny yourself Refuse to give you what someone wants.
“There was no way he could refuse me an ice cream”

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Denial of access to (anything) containing antiques
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Danny Old French to Middle English, with a negative accent from Latin Danigar, D- ‘official’ + Nigar ‘Say no’.
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To deny
Definition Verb. Use again, use again. Verb. Not accepting something, rejecting something.
  • Reuse, recycle and reduce, or the rule of the three Rs, are intended to help preserve the environment.
  • My mom refuses to let us adopt a dog.
  • I refused to follow his instructions and as a result, I lost my place. deny
  • The protesters refused to leave the classroom, therefore there will be no classes in the afternoon

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