What is the difference between Latte and CappuccinoWhat is the difference between Latte and Cappuccino

Latte and cappuccino (or cappuccino) are two of the most popular types of coffee. Both drinks have Italian origin and can seem similar (espresso + milk + foam). However, they differ in terms of the amounts of each ingredient and the way they are prepared.

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What is it? The latte is an Italian drink similar to coffee with milk (although it is not the same drink). The latte is a drink made with one third of espresso coffee and two thirds of hot milk. Also, bring a little milk foam on top. It is served in a tall mug. Drink of Italian origin that is also prepared with an espresso base (25 ml). To this is added hot milk steamed to give it texture and volume (125 ml) and milk foam (between 3 and 5 cm). It is served in a higher cup than the latte, in many cases in tall glass cups.
Ingredients It starts with a load of espresso. Hot milk is added. To finish, a thin layer of milk foam is added. The steps are the same as with the latte, however the milk foam layer is denser and thicker in the cappuccino.
Mixture In a latte, you don’t really want the separation between the layers to be noticed. In fact, these must be mixed, resulting in a uniform color. On the other hand, the layers of espresso, hot milk and foam should not mix. On the contrary, the difference between the two must be clearly marked.
Flavor Light, soft. Due to the separation of the layers, the coffee flavor is usually more concentrated, stronger.

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