What is the difference between Calló and Caio; Callo and CayoWhat is the difference between Calló and Caio; Callo and Cayo

He fell silent and fell are homophone words. This means that, although they sound the same, they are not written in the same way and, in addition, they have different meanings. This happens in the linguistic communities that practice Yeísmo, which is nothing more than not differentiating between the pronunciation of the y and the ll, as well as the rewired yeísmo, in which the ll and the y are read exactly the same; with a sh sound , as in Argentina and Uruguay.

Comparison table

It fell
Verb To silence Fall
Examples The teacher silenced the children who would not stop talking. Yesterday my sister fell out of bed and dislocated her shoulder. 

A similar case occurs with the words callus and fell. However, in this case, the words already acquire other meanings in addition to the verbal ones.

Comparison table

it fell
Definition Also called hardness or hardening. Hyperkeratosis occurs when keratin accumulates in a part of the skin as a result of constant stimuli (rubbing or friction). They are common on the hands and feet. On the other hand, a cay is a small island that forms on the surface of a reef. They are common in the Caribbean, Oceania, and the Pacific. They are characterized by their small size and their shallow beaches.
Examples I have a couple of calluses on my feet as I remember when I was practicing ballet. Cuba is surrounded by keys of extreme natural beauty.
Verb It can also be the present indicative of the verb callar; I keep quiet for my safety . Does not apply.

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