Differences between animal cell and plant cell

Understanding that cells are the smallest living matter that we can find within living beings, cells fulfill different functions within the organism of each being, for example, the work of cells can be: to breathe, reproduce, produce energy, to mention a few, within cell types there is a marked division between animal cell and plant cell.10 differences between plants and animals cells

Each performs different functions and has different characteristics that perfectly differentiate one from the other, even so, they have more than marked similarities, in both cases we can find an organization of the membranes that compose them, as well as both have a cell nucleus

Animal cell

Broadly speaking, we can see that the animal cell does not have a cell wall like the plant cell , this makes it less rigid and more prone to decompose quickly, but it has the ability to produce sexually, it is thanks to this characteristic of the use of the cell animal that is possible the offspring of its parents.

Plant cell

Have you noticed that many times, one cannot tell when a plant is dead? This is due to the cell wall that covers the plant cell, this wall is that allows the plant to stand up even though it has already died, the plant cell, unlike the animal cell, contains chloroplasts, these are what allows it to carry out photosynthesis from the absorption of sugars and carbon dioxide, it is thanks to this characteristic of the plant cell that plants produce oxygen, this is how plants are self-sufficient, they themselves make the food they need to survive. 10 differences between plants and animals cells

Regarding its reproduction, the same characteristics of the plant cell make its reproduction asexual, that is, at the moment the cell reproduces it creates a perfect duplicate of its progenitor.

Plants and animals cell differences

As could already be observed, the difference between the animal and plant cells are deeply marked and each one is designed for the living being in which they are found, animal cells are much more fragile and do not resist the passage of time, but this is Because the living beings that use them are not made for this characteristic, it also allows reproduction between species to exist, the animal cell itself is designed to be duplicated in an imperfect way, that is why no child completely resembles its dad.


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