Differences between bonito and tuna

Both species are part of the tuna family, which gives them very similar characteristics. However, the culinary quality of bonito and tuna differentiates them. This quality is reflected in the price of each one in the market, hence the importance of learning to recognize them.

The tuna

Bluefin tuna has always been highly valued, adored as an object of devotion since classical times. It has a robust and bluish body with longitudinal lines on the belly. Its meat is compact and can measure up to three meters in length, and weigh more than 250 kilos. Experts recommend avoiding the consumption of large tuna specimens by children and pregnant women, since due to their size they tend to accumulate higher concentrations of mercury.

The pretty

For its part, the bonito is also known as white tuna and is characterized by its exquisite flavor and smooth texture, thus being a favorite delicacy of exquisite palates. It is caught selectively, one at a time and with a hook to avoid the suffering of the fish and to be able to offer a higher quality meat . This species is characterized by the large size of the pectoral fins. It is a rich source of Omega-3.

Difference between bonito and tuna

Both species are highly valued meat and their main difference derives in weight. While a bonito from the north weighs about 20 kilos, bluefin tuna can easily exceed 250 kilos. The color of the meat is very different, that of the bonito is slightly pink, turning white when cooked; on the other hand, that of tuna is red, remaining this color after cooking. To distinguish the bonito from the tuna, all you have to do is look at the fin located in the central part, at eye level; since in bonito it is much longer than in tuna.


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