Differences between boss and leader

“Not every boss is a leader”, so goes a popular proverb and with plenty of mastery he is right. They are concepts that are similar in some respects and it is easy for some people to confuse their application in the social sphere. Although bosses are generally the authority, they are not necessarily recognized by those below that level of command. In the case of a leader, although he does not necessarily have to be a boss, he enjoys the recognition of his moral authority by the masses. Differences between boss and leader

Boss qualities

The chiefs are generally appointed by higher instances with the exception of the positions assigned by popular election. These are in charge of the direction of a position , issuing orders and in turn monitoring and controlling their fulfillment. In short, it is the person legally authorized to issue orders within a work team.

Leader Qualities

For their part, leaders are born and enjoy the spontaneous acceptance of the masses. They are people to whom, either occupying a position where they can issue orders or simply issuing a personal opinion, they have the support of other people, who support their words or actions. There are also cases where leadership is learned at such a level of born leadership. boss and leader

Difference between boss and leader

The bosses are always mired in the performance of their positions, issuing orders that fulfill a pre-established purpose, regardless of whether these decisions are to the liking of the masses or not. This is a different case than leaders, who generally seek the necessary balance so that all parties involved in a decision are satisfied and meet their expectations without deviating from the main objective of a decision. As an old popular proverb says “to be a good boss, you also have to be a leader.”

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