Differences between fear and phobia

We are all afraid of something. An animal, a place, an object or even other people can generate feelings linked to fear or fear that happens to have another name, phobia. Being in front of something that we consider dangerous creates anxiety, forces us to be alert and even to feel or see unreal things. fear vs phobia

Fear is an emotion represented by a perception of danger that our brain notices. Phobias are psychological disorders that lead to irrational fears of objects, animals or specific situations.

fear vs phobia

Afraid fear vs phobia

Fear or fear is an emotion that arises in response to the feeling of danger, whether it is real or not. It is said that it is a primary emotion that appears in the face of a risk or a threat and leads us to react in preservation of our own integrity. fear vs phobia

Fear is irrational and can be overcome at will, it is controllable by the person. Another characteristic of fear is that it is learned, many times we feel it in response to bad experiences already lived. On the cultural level, fear responds to specific situations. You can be afraid of death or ridicule for example. In this case fear is involved or mixed with other feelings.

fear vs phobia


Phobia is an emotional disorder that is defined as an inordinate fear of a specific situation or object. In this case the fear is disproportionate, exaggerated and quite intense. Running and screaming when seeing a toad, for example. Although the basis of the phobia is fear, both concepts have many differences. fear vs phobia

The phobia is not controlled. To treat it, it is necessary to undergo a previous treatment, analysis and study of the patient. Either with an anxiolytic medication or with exposure therapies, for example, people can be helped to overcome their phobias.

fear vs phobia
fear vs phobia

On the other hand, we do not learn the phobia in the course of our lives. You simply feel fear for something concrete without any justification. The phobia remains latent until the object or situation that causes that fear is faced. It is not handled in a rational way, since the person feels that he dominates it because it is superior to his will. fear vs phobia

Fear, like phobia, triggers physiological reactions. The body suffers stress from being in a situation or object that generates danger. Sweating, increased blood pressure, dilation of the pupils etc. The phobia exposes the body to extreme situations such as panic attacks or anxiety seizures. fear vs phobia

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