Differences between myth and legend

This is a topic that often creates confusion for people. Perhaps because historically there is a tendency to mix both concepts in stories that start from a true fact, qualifying them with mythical and fanciful actions. Myths have their origin in the fantasy, the supernatural. On the other hand, the legends have a historical foundation in events that happened at some point. Differences between myth and legend

The myth

Myths are an important part of the culture of the people, their stories are based on events of a spectacular nature , where the protagonists are usually characters with supernatural conditions and powers, and the whole story revolves around great feats of these characters. These great feats are told from generation to generation as a tradition that identifies the culture of the peoples, and that tries to explain in some way events that at the time were not of a very clear explanation. For example, mountains formed by prodigious characters or supreme beings.


The legend Differences between myth and legend

On the other hand, in legends, although they are also part of the cultural tradition of the peoples, their manifesto usually contains a historically valid argument, based on real events that have occurred, feats carried out by real characters, but that are told with heroic or miraculous nuances. Legends tend to waver on the edge of the mythical, usually with fanciful or exaggerated stories that seek to add a personal, patriotic touch or perhaps to embellish the story. Differences between myth and legend

Differences Differences between myth and legend

In general, legends have a historically verifiable foundation, while myths lack the veracity of their facts. The characters in the legend can be real, in the myths the characters are born from the imagination. The myths almost always speak of gods and supernatural facts, and the legends generally speak of human beings and their heroic actions, sometimes the legends refer to other living beings. Differences between myth and legend 

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