Differences between psychologist and psychiatrist

Clinical psychology and psychiatry are two disciplines within the field of mental health that we often confuse, especially if we believe that we need help from one or the other. This confusion, which is acceptable, may be due to the type of problems they address, the working methods used and the environment in which both disciplines are developed. Differences between psychologist and psychiatrist

Role of the psychologist

In principle, we can say that the clinical psychologist is trained in human behavior, has the ability to understand how a chain of events can lead the patient to have specific behaviors. The psychologist applies strategies to manage and adjust emotions, behaviors and thoughts.


Role of the psychiatrist

The  psychiatrist is a physician with the power to diagnose and treat mental illness. He can prescribe medication or subject patients to whatever type of medical intervention is necessary to achieve a balance between the brain’s biochemistry and problem physiology. Usually the psychiatrist takes into account the psychological variables necessary to fully restore the patient.

Difference between psychologist and psychiatrist

Differentiating one term from another is very simple, primarily because of the academic path of each discipline. The psychologist obtains a bachelor’s degree to later carry out a clinical specialization; For his part, the psychiatrist studies medicine, that is, he graduates as a doctor and then specializes in psychiatry. The psychiatrist knows the organism and its neurological functioning, while the psychologist is trained in social sciences and cultural dynamics. Consequently, the psychiatrist is empowered to prescribe medication and the psychologist cannot. Differences between psychologist and psychiatrist

The psychologist bases his analysis on human behavior and the emotional, unlike the psychiatrist who focuses on the neurological. Within psychology there are various specializations, such as clinical, forensic, etc., on the other hand, psychiatry is itself a specialization of medicine.


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