Differences between realism and naturalism

Within the world of art and philosophy, many times the movements of realism and naturalism are confused, and we cannot blame them, at first glance they can look too similar, but going a little deeper into them, we can notice important differences that make it completely different from the other, indeed, within each movement there are different versions of the same or currents that have been born from the application of this movement.


Realism focuses on explaining how people’s lives are, realism does not care about the ways of thinking or the interior of each individual, but focuses on, how they live their life objectively, realism what they What matters is to focus on the external aspects, What makes people’s lives change? For example, it focuses on the different versions of how society treats us, whether through the family, politics or the church.

It is not looking for a depth of thoughts, but to demonstrate to those who see realism, what life is really like and what are the factors that can determine how they are lived, many times it can be considered a bit pessimistic, since it places a lot of emphasis in all the injustices that can be lived. Within realism there are two currents of thought, positivism and materialism, the first is about the search for knowledge, while the second, as its name indicates, focuses on the material, what you have determines who you are.


Understanding realism we can go on elucidating what naturalism is about, it is based on internal problems of the person, that is, ontological disorders that determine the way in which life is lived, naturalism focuses on demonstrating how problems affect the person, about how our own attitude can be a determining factor in living life, then naturalism does not care about anyone other than the person himself to determine what life is like.

If you are looking for an example to enter into this way of thinking, you can read the work called “It is enough for me.” It is called determinism, this current is the perfect complement to naturalism , since it is about finding the solution to problems.

Difference realism and naturalism

How you can see the difference between the two movements is based on the way they see people’s lives, the first focuses on external factors, while the second only on the person and their attitudes.


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