Differences between telepathy and telekinesis

Telepathy and Telekinesis are often confused on issues of a metaphysical nature. Human beings like to imagine expanding and improving their abilities. That is why the hypotheses of possible powers have been created over time. These special abilities that come from the simple use of the mind. Differences between telepathy and telekinesis


Two of these are telekinesis and telepathy, terms that are actually very different. Although both refer to the use of the mind to achieve a task, that is not the same. One is sending a message through the mind. The other is to move objects with the mind. Differences between telepathy and telekinesis

Telepathy Differences between telepathy and telekinesis

Telepathy is the mental ability of humans and animals to communicate information. It goes from your mind to the mind of another being. It is a process in which additional tools such as speech or body language do not interfere. Differences between telepathy and telekinesis


It is considered as a form of extrasensory perception or abnormal cognition. The human brain is currently thought to have insufficient conditions to develop the power of telepathy, which is often associated with various paranormal phenomena. Among them, clairvoyance, although it should be noted that telepathy and clairvoyance are not the same ability. It is also common to see this theme reflected in fantasy or science fiction books and movies. Differences between telepathy and telekinesis



Very few references have been found regarding this ability in the history of mankind. However, in many ancient cultures, such as the Greek and Egyptian, there are certain written records that speak of a very similar ability.

But keep in mind that to date, there has been no successful experimental protocol designed to distinguish telepathy from other forms of ESP such as clairvoyance. Differences between telepathy and tele



The telekinesis is a hypothetical ability humans have to move only objects with mental power. 

It is done without the intervention of any known physical means. In fact, other uses for this ability have been proposed over the years. Among them, levitation, the modification of the molecules of the manipulated object and even the ability to not be affected by the surface tension of liquids (walking on water).



Originally the term telekinesis was established to refer to the movement of objects through the influence of ghosts and / or spirits. Later it was established that humans could be the source of this phenomenon. That meant that a human could cause the movement of any object using only mental power, without the influence of a spiritual presence.  Differences between telepathy and telekinesis

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