Example of a letter of recommendation

What is a letter of recommendation? This is the name given to a document that has been made by a company or an entity in particular , in favor of the person who has worked in said place. It is always presented in a positive way by adding extra information, for example, the applicant’s work life in that company and her human skills.

The letter of recommendation must have 4 well-distinguished parts:

  • Identification: It is essential to know the name and surname of the applicant and the position he has held.
  • Context: It shows the activities that you have carried out in the company from the point of view of the person who recommends you.
  • Recommendation: To capture more attention, the human qualities of the applicant are described.
  • Closing: It ends with a friendly farewell encouraging them to request certain additional information or clarify doubts that may arise.

This type of letter is sent together with the curriculum vitae and it may be a fundamental and decisive piece at the moment in which you want to get the position to which you aspire. Also, many companies give a distinguished importance and credibility to the recommendations that come from other companies.

Example of a letter of recommendation

Ms. Mónica Estévez Martagón
Community Manager of Malibar Group SA

At the request of Mr. Gorka Mendiguren Cabello, in the current letter I present our opinion regarding the skills and abilities of the applicant that we have been observing during his time in which he has offered all his faculties in our Marketing company.

Mr. Mendiguren has been working in the Social Media department of the Malibar entertainment company as a Community Manager for a period of 5 years. My duty is to report that the decision to leave the company has been voluntary, since throughout this time he has fulfilled all the obligations that have been ordered.

Within the company, he has been in charge of several Social Network profiles, providing Twitter with exclusive content on a daily basis, both internal to the company itself and external of potential interest to users. He has also managed other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with original and different content. In addition, he has designed and edited videos with certain programs such as Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, and has done other tasks such as financing money on the networks, editing the website and writing in our Blog. Likewise, he has developed a great job as a photographer in press conferences, theater rehearsals and premieres.

Our work team has been able to verify that he has good professional training and that he is punctual, responsible, persevering, tenacious and available on a day-to-day basis. He has good verbal and written communication, charisma and is able to work in a team and independently.

I remain available for any questions or to offer the information you need.

As of July 22, 2017

Sincerely ,
Beatriz Jiménez Perales

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