Examples from sociology

Sociology is the science that focuses on the study of the grouping of individuals who coexist together in various types of associations. It usually analyzes the intrinsic style of the organization, the relationships that arise between the same individuals and with the system, and the great cohesion found in the social structure.

More specifically, sociology is the science that studies the group processes of society, counting on the integration of individuals, the cultural framework, customs, norms and values ​​of society, and communication between beings.

It can be studied using the qualitative method, which deals with descriptions of behaviors, situations and individuals , and the qualitative method, which includes the variants symbolized by numbers and which finds relationships through statistical analysis.

Examples of the science called sociology:

Sociology of social evolution

It is defined as the study of significant changes in social structures , the results and statements of those structures that are attached to patterns and values, and also the reasons for such changes. When the causes are constituted, from time to time it is seconded by some other branch.

sociology of nature

Sociology made a schism of the socio-environmental dimension in relation to natural resources , and before that a diversity of investigations took place. In one of them, analyzes of the link shown between nature and man were shown, which began the classical stage until the end of the 18th century.

Sociology of work

It is one of the most important branches of sociology, which deals with the study of the nature of “human” work in a group , as well as the social relationships that make it possible. It has relevant issues for society as a whole and therefore forms a central axis within the field of sociology, as Comte, the founder, said, the distribution of work makes social evolution possible.

Sociology of the urban area

He is interested in the study of social life and the interaction between individuals in the areas of the metropolis . It is a regulatory specialty that tries to analyze the organizations, processes, modifications and dilemmas of an urban area, providing aid for urban planning and the creation of different policies.

Sociology of deviation

It is responsible for assent to social norms and behaviors that deviate from them and the system that controls society designed to avoid these deviations. It is one of the branches with more judgment, since a conjecture cannot be stated without prior knowledge, and that is why it takes several years for a provable theory to be regulated.

Sociology of teaching

It focuses on using the terms, models and theories of sociology to understand education in the social sphere. It is instructed by sociologists who have a special interest in education and by educators who claim stability between psychology and sociology to move forward with teaching. For this, new currents are originated among the students and there is an improvement in the way of teaching society.

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