Examples of acronyms

This is how the abbreviation formed by the initial letters of a phrase that becomes a term per se is known, and which is already accepted by language academies such as the RAE, taking into account that it serves to designate a title, an entity, a company or an organization, for example. On many occasions, people are not aware when they pronounce an acronym and therefore do not know the words that compose it even if they know its meaning.

Some of the characteristics of any acronym are as follows:

  • Absence of periods to separate the letters, which makes it different from abbreviations .
  • It should be read as if it were a word in itself and not letter by letter.
  • If the words are plural, it is mandatory to double each letter.

example of acronyms

  • CIC : Intergovernmental Coordination Committee.
  • HR : Human Resources.
  • OBE : British Order of Chivalry.
  • IAEA : International Atomic Energy Agency.
  • SEA : Secretary of State for Agriculture.
  • INESPRE : Price Stabilization Institute.
  • FLACSO : Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • IMF : International Monetary Fund.
  • UN : Organization of the United Nations.
  • IOC : International Olympic Committee.
  • SME : Small and Medium Enterprise.
  • CEPAL : Economic Commission for Latin America.
  • WHO : World Health Organization.

Examples of acronyms in sentences

  • International Federation of Association Football
    • Juan Carlos won the game playing FIFA .
  • Royal Spanish Academy
    • The RAE  is a cultural institution based in Madrid.
  • Central processing unit
    • Thanks to technology there are more and more types of CPU .
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • The NATO referendum is getting closer.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • The FBI agent was still looking at how to fix it.
  • Value-added tax
    • The  VAT that he had to pay this month was exaggerated.
  • United Nations Children’s Fund
    • I have a friend who works every Saturday at UNICEF .
  • Argentine Football Association
    • The AFA shows its respect for the death of Maradona.
  • Gross domestic product
    • Between 1985 and 1999 the GDP had a slow recovery.
  • Non Governmental Organization
    • My cousins ​​are helping on Saturday mornings in an NGO .
  • Intensive care unit
    • Because of COVID, the Txagorritxu ICU is saturated.
  • Portable Document Format
    • I have to convert the document to PDF to go to print.
  • International Olympic Committee
    • The IOC is an organization in charge of promoting Olympism in the world.
  • Secretary of Foreign Relations
    • They are happy that Marias Cristina, their daughter, is the new SRE .
  • International Telecommunication Union
    • They have bought 5 new computers for the ITU .
  • National identity document
    • I have to go tomorrow to renew my ID .
  • Buenos Aires’ University
    • Next year he will go on Erasmus to the UBA in Argentina.
  • Number of personal identification
    • Every month or two months I change the PIN for security.
  • Consumer price index.
    • The CPI values ​​the prices of a predetermined set of goods.
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