Examples of adjective sentence

Adjective subordinate sentences or also called adjectival subordinate clauses correspond to compound sentences and are suboraciones that perform the function of adjective . More specifically, they are sentences that modify nouns or pronouns of the main clause as an adjective would , that is, they express as the adjective.

In this type of sentences there is a subordination that, from the syntactic point of view, is subordinate to the main clause , so it is easy to realize that there are two verbs, one is the nucleus of the predicate and the other the nucleus of the proposition.

Below are examples of adjective sentences.

Examples of specific adjective sentences

  • The pink sweatshirts that went out of style are on sale.
  • Cats that are siblings of Gufi and are 7 months old can be vaccinated.
  • Students whose papers were turned in late have one point less on the exam.
  • Leave Dora’s backpack where you found it .
  • Retired teachers who are over 67 years old will have a bonus.
  • I ate some cupcakes my sister ordered this morning.
  • The person you gave the phone to finally gave it to me.
  • I need the package that is on the table .
  • The notebook where I wrote down the math exercises is on the grid.

Examples of explanatory adjective sentences

  • The number of victims of the fire, which increased considerably , had a funeral in his name.
  • The Chinese bread, which I bought at Marisol’s store , is delicious.
  • The wild fruit drink,  whose ingredients are blueberries, blackberries and raspberries , is one that my mother knows how to make.
  • Juan, to whom you have to give more than €50 , has come home to look for you.
  • His snoring, which is too loud , did not let me sleep.
  • This song, whose lyrics I know by heart , does not stop playing in bars.
  • The teacup, which had some flowers on the rim , just broke right now.

Examples of adjective sentences with relative pronouns that ,  which and who

  • The driver, who was annoyed by the noise that the passengers were making , stopped the bus to shut up.
  • On the Internet they were selling a desk chair, which was made of good material , at a very affordable price.
  • Lucila, who has always been afraid of heights , managed to get on the ferris wheel at the amusement park.

Examples of adjective sentences with a relative adverb where , when ,  how and how much

  • You wet your skirt because the bench where you just sat down was full of water.
  • The day before yesterday, when it was not yet 8 in the morning , you woke me up in a very bad way.
  • Maria José has fallen in love with Pablo because of the way he smiles and the way he thinks .
  • Although he usually always tells lies, I assured him that everything he had told was true.

Examples of adjective sentences with the adjective whose ,  whose, whose and whose

  • Your cousin likes dancing whose movement is very fast and sensual .
  • There were 7 people in the car, whose maximum capacity is 5 .
  • I felt him watching me, his green eyes boring into me .
  • I have black and pink boots whose soles do not slip at all .
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