Examples of adjectives with a

It is a class of word or part of the sentence that qualifies the noun , which aims to provide new information or complement the meaning of the noun , which points out general qualities or details. In the Spanish language, adjectives can go before the noun or after, taking into account that the first fulfills an evaluative function and the second a descriptive function.

From the semantic point of view, the adjective is capable of providing different characteristics , for example, qualities (thin, ugly), behaviors (rebellious, idealistic), possibilities (probable, incredible) or nationalities (French, Belgian).

Examples of adjectives with a

Assistant Arrogant Cunning Reachable Narrow
Exhausting Affected Indigenous Amazing Scary
Illiterate Additional aerobic Appetizing Graceful
Accumulator Authentic Admonitory Acrobatic Overwhelming
Selfless Threatening Haughty Attractive dimensionless
Artificial Right Adherent Saver Spectacular
Harmonic Bold Greedy Advanced Affectionate
Administered Overwhelming Busy Blue Acclaimed
Absent Bored Penny pincher Accused Lucky
alarmed Passionate Abundant Attentive Scary
Affirmative Thunderous Tight Aggrieved heated

Examples of sentences with adjectives with a

  • The coffee that I have been served in that restaurant tasted quite bitter .
  • We are donating outdated clothes to a Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Julen, Macarena’s son, is a very cheerful boy when he is with his friends.
  • Wouldn’t you like some old wine that I have under a donkey?
  • The sky is very blue , so today you can see the stars.
  • That boy is very clever , that’s why he passes all the exams with flying colors.
  • The antique vase your grandmother gave you has just fallen to the ground.
  • Little by little, the rest of the  giddy ones joined the expedition.
  • The company boss was looking at the workers in a friendly way .
  • Fernando had almost forgotten how ambitious and greedy he was.
  • After PE class, the students find themselves dejected .
  • The  narrow trail meant all the hikers had to line up.
  • A searing spasm in her right hip caused her to fall to the ground.
  • The albiceleste team reinforces the lead with a new player.
  • I love this pleasant atmosphere that has been generated when the others have left.
  • Yellow poppies are scientifically named Meconopsis cambric .
  • The countess listens to him with anxious anticipation before making a decision.
  • Miriam is the selfless granddaughter who accompanies her grandfather in exile.
  • I don’t like Maria’s boyfriend, the boy is very unpleasant .
  • The old folding table is used to take when we go camping.
  • They got up and walked into the adjacent room to see what was going on.
  • The overwhelming situation made Manuel begin to cry disproportionately.
  • And the  burning memory made your lips drive me crazy.
  • The noise was too harsh in the silence of that room.
  • That atypical event produced very serious consequences for him.
  • So, we have installed an automatic door in the hotel for greater comfort.
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