Examples of Adverbs

The adverb is a class of invariable word that fulfills the function of the nucleus of the circumstantial complement of the verb and has the power to change the meaning of the verb, the adjective, another adverb or can even change a sentence completely. Syntactically it expresses circumstance of place, time, mode or quantity, among others, and for this reason it is capable of answering the questions how? where? or how much?

One of the most outstanding classifications of the adverb is according to its meaning and within it the following are included: adverb of time, place, manner, quantity, affirmation, negation and doubt, the last three being epistemic.

examples of adverbs of time

before later Already early
never after when Yesterday
morning Never today right away
early now while last night
forever yet  even afternoon

examples of adverbs of place


through where at the border outside
behind over beside around
close up on in the corner
there under down in front
in the other side in front of within over there

 examples of adverbs of manner

So slowly What easily
quickly right hurry better
deliberate Same wrong regular
Quick light clearly only
slow slowly gently

Examples of adverbs of quantity or degree

plus too little bit Quite
single very barely almost
so of less so any
just medium how many much
barely so much all

Examples of adverbs of affirmation, negation and doubt

Yes perhaps obviously logical
either Never never negatively
maybe probably can exact
truly perhaps certain probably
 Sure also No obvious

Examples of sentences with adverbs

  • Lucas told me he’s coming before the party starts.
  • I hope your friends arrive soon to watch the match.
  • Today they have decided that they are going to start a vegetarian diet.
  • They have gone to the showers while we get dressed.
  • There is still a long way to go before Juan and Claudia return from the trip.
  • We have always participated in all photography activities.
  • The rug you’ve been looking for for a long time is  upstairs .
  • I have been told that the most dangerous prisoners in Spain are there .
  • Be careful that your gifts are closer than you think.
  • Today they took us for a run around the sports center.
  • There you have left all your clothes so you must go pick them up now.
  • Inside the trunk are all the belongings of your cousins.
  • You have to go quickly because the store is about to close.
  • The History of Communication exam has gone wrong .
  • My cat walks around the house slowly so as not to bump into anything.
  • The soccer team of the town of Sobradillo has played regularly .
  • It ‘s been a while since we stopped being best friends.
  • It is not understandable how no one has been able to do anything about it.
  • Your friends have arrived just in time to start watching the film .
  • I need more sugar otherwise it will give me a drop in glucose.
  • Perhaps they have changed because they saw that they were going to end badly.
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