Examples of animals that start with b

The word animal means a living being that is capable of moving by itself using the necessary means such as swimming, flight and walking . Animals have various characteristics that differ depending on the species, starting with the microscopic or large morphology or the aquatic or terrestrial habitat.

The animal grows, develops and dies , and in this process it eats food (carnivorous, omnivorous or herbivorous), reproduces (asexual or sexual) and inhales oxygen to stay alive, these are some of the most outstanding characteristics.

This article will name some of the animals that start with the letter ‘b’.

Mammals that start with b

  • Blue whale: it can reach 174 kilos and 30 meters, and for this reason it is the largest animal on the planet in the entire history of humanity.
  • Donkey: an animal that has a similarity to the horse but with very large ears, it has also been domesticated for the field since it is used for different activities in that area.
  • Bison: today there are only two species of bison, the American and the European, both viviparous animals , standing out for their fur that serves to survive in the cold winters.
  • Ox: cannot reproduce due to sterilization and becomes a calm animal that helps in some field tasks such as tilling the land.
  • Buffalo: similar to a bull but with warped and sharp horns and without very good vision and hearing, it can also reach 1,000 kilos.

fish that start with b

  • Anchovy: it is one of the blue fish that Spanish individuals eat the most and is found mainly in two of the oceans such as the Atlantic and the Pacific.
  • Bonito: it is classified as a species of tuna, becoming the most popular, which is considered a predatory devourer of herring and anchovies.
  • Sea bream: called white meat, it is located in the coastal areas of Europe and is valued for having little fat, a fact that makes it tastier.
  • Bejel: a gregarious fish located near the coast that feeds on worms, fish and crustaceans, and is characterized by having many bones but with good flavor.

Birds that start with b

  • Vulture: classified as a bird of prey that feeds on dead animals and live prey, it also has the facility to fly at a high altitude and to suppress rotting beings.
  • Owl: a nocturnal bird of prey that is located in areas such as forests and usually uses a very characteristic noise to differentiate itself from others.
  • Pipit: It is a very small species with striped feathers, which has a cheerful and unruly personality and lives in areas with open space.

reptiles starting with b

  • Boa constrictor: it is characterized by killing the prey through strangulation, it is also a nocturnal animal that likes solitude and is found in the branches or trunks.
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