Examples of biodiversity

Biodiversity is essential for the development of life and for maintaining the well-being of all living beings, taking into account that it is defined as the variety of living beings on the planet, the environment in which they inhabit and the relationship between them. form between them. Scientists claim that there are 1.9 million complex species and many more yet to be discovered.

We are all aware that there is great biodiversity , but at the same time multiple species are becoming extinct due to different causes such as overexploitation, agriculture, illegal hunting, pollution and climate change.

Examples of animal biodiversity

  • Mammals: they are vertebrate animals of constant temperature and viviparous , whose embryo develops in the belly of the mother and feeds on her breasts. Some of the examples are whales, bears, elephants and seals.
  • Reptiles: they are oviparous vertebrate animals of variable temperature and with pulmonary respiration. Some examples are snakes, iguanas, turtles, and crocodiles.
  • Birds: they are oviparous vertebrate animals with a body full of feathers and two wings to be able to fly. Some examples are magpies, seagulls, vultures and condors.
  • Amphibians: they are tetrapod vertebrate animals with gill or lung respiration and that live both on land and in water. Some examples are salamanders, frogs, anurans, and toads.
  • Fish: they are aquatic vertebrate animals with fin-shaped extremities to be able to swim and with skin covered by scales. Some examples are swordfish, sharks, eels, and tuna.

Examples of Biodiversity Regions

Some regions of the planet stand out for their biodiversity and those are the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, which occupy 40% of the Earth’s surface. The reason is because the areas are warm and there are not many changes in temperature between one season or another.

  • Tropic of Cancer: It is one of the parallels of the planet that is located in the northern hemisphere and covers territories such as India, Egypt, Niger, Algeria, Mexico, China, Bahamas, United Arab Emirates and Libya, among others.
  • Tropic of Capricorn: It is one of the parallels of the planet that is located in the southern hemisphere and covers territories such as Brazil, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, Chile, Argentina and Mozambique, among others.

Examples of biodiversity in some countries

South Africa ranks as the third country with the most biodiversity, reaching the figure of 20,000 types of plants. In addition to 10% of the known species of birds and fish.

  • United States: being such an extensive territory there are 432 mammal species, 256 amphibians, 1,1154 fish and 800 birds.
  • Venezuela: in this country there are more than 15,000 different species of plants and more than 1,200 species of fish.
  • China: a very abundant country in terms of advanced plants, having more than 30,000, it should also be noted that there are about 6,400 vertebrates.
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