Examples of bipolar sentences

Bipolar sentences are those that are structured in two groups, called periods or propositions , which are related to each other through a bilateral dependency and a link that unites them formally and semantically. If observed from a syntactic point of view, all these sentences correspond to compound subordinate sentences, with the exception of bipolar adversative sentences, which are compound coordinates.

In general, the links are of vital importance in this type of sentences since they create the link between the two propositions; some of the most prominent are therefore, since, because, however, more than, so that, if, but, although, etc.

Examples of conditional bipolar sentences

  • If you want to go on the end-of-year trip, you must buy a sleeping bag in the tent.
  • The village soccer team can take the trophy as long as they win the match with more than one goal.
  • We have to pay the tickets right now if we want to go to the theater this Wednesday.
  • They will buy him the X-Men doll as long as he passes all the exams.
  • If you are invited to the costume party, you cannot arrive empty handed.

Comparative Bipolar Sentence Examples

  • The new participant of the reality show was heavier than everyone thought.
  • Your uncle has more mobile phones than a multinational telecommunications company.
  • You felt so overwhelmed with the exams that there was no solution to relax a little.
  • They moved to a flat so small that there was no way to put personal things.

Examples of Bipolar Adversative Sentences

  • You couldn’t agree to go for an hour, even though you spent 30 minutes talking.
  • Oddly enough, Carlos called me back to go out.
  • The day is with a resplendent sun, however it is quite cold.
  • I love chocolate covered strawberries but I like bananas with yoghurt even more.
  • They called my cousin to fix the pipes even though he doesn’t do that anymore.

Examples of bipolar concessive sentences

  • I prepared a very special date for him at night, even so, we each ended up at our house.
  • As bad as those guys have treated us, we have forgiven them too quickly.
  • Although I work day and night, the money does not come to pay for my whims.
  • She won’t go to the field this weekend, unless the boy she likes goes.

Examples of consecutive bipolar sentences

  • We found the pants we were looking for, so we went home.
  • They are going to choose several girls for the series, so go to the casting right now.
  • Tomorrow there is going to be a partial stoppage of the subway, so I’ll go on the bus.
  • I studied hard for the molecular biology exam so I got a 9.

Examples of causal bipolar sentences

  • I’m not going to get to class on time because the train has had a breakdown.
  • She went to her aunt Marcelina’s house because they were going to see the soap opera together.
  • The press officer will go to the meeting as he needs passes for the contest.
  • They will be late for the party since they leave private lessons at 9:00 p.m.
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