Examples of democracy

Democracy is one of the best-known political and social organization systems in the world today, although it dates back many years, specifically in the second half of the XVII-XVIII century together with the election of the president by vote, after the abolition of slavery. It is considered the fairest and most convenient form of government, since it provides decision-making power in the conduct of the State to the citizens through universal suffrage.

Democracy is guided by the following principles:

  • popular sovereignty.
  • The equality of the vote .
  • The limitation of power.
  • Respect for human rights.

Below we inform you about some examples of democracy so that you understand this concept much better.

examples of democracy

The Liberty of expression

Free expression supports the freedom of an individual or a group to freely express and disseminate what each one thinks, which allows debate, discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Plebiscite or referendum

It is a kind of consultation that the government makes to the people , since it submits a law or a matter of special importance to a vote. In a simpler way, it is “a general vote to know the direct opinion of the citizens”.

Right to apply

Any person who meets the minimum requirements established by law has the option to apply for a position in any elected position .

Freedom of transit

In democracy , any person has the right to leave , enter or travel through the territory without the need for a security card or passport, unless an extraordinary situation is developing.

Education rights

Any person has the right to a free education if it falls within the elementary and fundamental instruction. In addition, there must be equal opportunities and universal access, especially for those in a state of poverty.

Examples of democracy in everyday life

  • Before giving itself a sanction by part of the law, Congress provides a space in which citizens have the opportunity to suggest changes.
  • There is a neighborhood meeting in which it is decided what type of floor you want to put on the landing.
  • The human resources department of a company allows workers to issue their superiors with total freedom , without fear that they may suffer any compensation.
  • A mother brings two board games to her house and among all the relatives they decide which one they want to play this afternoon.
  • The administration of the property is disastrous and the company calls a meeting so that there is a modification regarding the company that is in charge of it.
  • The student union manages to convene an assembly with the dean to file a claim for the state of the University bathroom.
  • The call by the government for electoral lists in which positions are alternated between men and women.
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