Examples of disjunctive sentences

The word  disjunction means “disjunction or separation” and this is what happens in disjunctive sentences, which have linked segments and for one to be fulfilled it is necessary that the other is not fulfilled. Therefore, disjunctive sentences are those that focus on posing a situation with two or more options , sometimes with the aim of receiving a clear answer and in others simply with the need to express the doubt that currently has no solution.

In this type of sentence, disjunctive links are used, which are usually “o” and “u” , bearing in mind that this type of link also normally appears in simple two-member sentences, proposing a disjunctive linked to one of the complements of the verb.

Below are multiple examples of disjunctive sentences with the links mentioned above.

Examples of disjunctive sentences with or

  • I plan to start eating “real food” this month or the next.
  • Do you want to talk tomorrow morning or in the afternoon?
  • We go to the cinema to watch a movie or you prefer to watch it at home with a blanket.
  • I don’t know if it’s a formal meal or we can go dressed as we want.
  • Either you finish university soon, or we won’t travel to Barcelona this year.
  • I have to sell this house or they’ll end up dumping it.
  • Do you understand or do you prefer that I explain it to you again from the beginning?
  • Let’s fix the mess we’ve made or go buy new tableware.
  • You have to make up your mind now or they’ll give the waitress job to someone else.
  • Either you start treating him differently, or this gives me that it’s over soon.
  • Julieta buys the gray sweatshirt now or you’ll run out of it.
  • You can pay for appliances in cash or by credit card.
  • I offer you an appointment for this Friday or you will have to wait until next week.
  • Either you tell him today, or I’ll end up telling him tomorrow.

Disjunctive sentences with u

  • Are you going to hold a grudge against them or will you grant forgiveness?
  • María tends to be stubborn or obstinate with the things that most attract her attention.
  • Sit in your corresponding seat or you will take the place of another.
  • I can put or omit the tilde only if it is not considered a misspelling.
  • Are you going to stay in the mess or will you finally organize your things?
  • You have two options: love that person again or forget them permanently even if it costs you.
  • What do you prefer: receiving orders from the boss or ordering the rest of the employees.
  • This winter vacation we will travel to America or Oceania.
  • This afternoon I went downtown and bought seven or eight Primark t-shirts.
  • Between eating it or smelling it, I choose the first option without a doubt.
  • I feel like asking this: Fernando or Olivia?
  • Do we intend to tell Joaquín the truth or will we hide what really happened?
  • Do not forget to discover or observe what is happening around you.
  • The mixture gives or originates a new quite toxic chemical compound.
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