Examples of final sentences in Spanish

They are a type of subordinate clauses or secondary clauses that are used to express the purpose of an action , which is spoken of in the main clauses, in addition to responding to “what for”. It should be specified that these sentences are conjugated in the infinitive if the subject is the same as in the main clauses, while if they are different, it must be expressed in the subjunctive.

Final sentences in Spanish are introduced by a nexus , that is, a syntactic element that serves to unite, and in this case we have as examples for, so that, so that and with the end / the purpose / the object of that .

If you want to know multiple examples of final sentences in Spanish, we encourage you to continue reading this article.

General examples of final sentences

  • Julia is packing her bags to go to Grandma’s town.
  • Lara is going to dress in her best outfit to feel good about herself.
  • The five were selected to be part of the production department.
  • In order to achieve a good collection, the boss met with the employees.
  • He has to add a little more butter to make it melt well.
  • I hope I have a few days off so I can relax a bit.
  • He answered everything in order to make people stay without any doubt.
  • Do not doubt that Juan organized this excursion to distract you.
  • He invited all his friends so they could finally meet me.
  • I don’t have the money to buy a townhouse next to the mountain.
  • The bank gives loans  with the aim that  its customers continue to grow.
  • The coach gathers all the players in order to plan the game.
  • You must make an appointment online so that the doctor receives you in consultation.

Examples of final sentences with for

  • To be in good physical condition, you have to do sports several days a week.
  • I recommend you water the plants at night to save water.
  • What things are needed to be happy throughout life?
  • Ideally, Juanjo and Félix leave early to make the most of the time.
  • We will buy movie tickets to see the Spiderman movie.

Examples of final sentences with so that

  • Juan enters carefully so that the boy does not wake up.
  • In order for us to pass the Physics exam, we must do exercises.
  • He bought a luxury car for everyone to look at him.
  • In order for the students to hear me, I had to shout very loudly.
  • Clean the dishes well so that no trace of food remains.

Examples of final sentences with a fin de / a fin de que

  • They were at the hairdresser in order to achieve the ideal haircut for the party.
  • Pedro had to call the technical service in order to fix the fault.
  • They created publicity so that the theater was filled.
  • He entered a cooking course in order to make very elaborate dishes
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