Examples of homophone sentences

They are defined as words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have totally different meanings. Homophony arises from having a set of graphemes in Spanish that have a pronunciation that depends on the region in which each one is found.

These types of sentences are used regularly since there are many homophones, yes, the issuer has to be aware of the meaning of each one to avoid confusion and possible errors.

Examples of homophone sentences

  • base myself on what has happened and that glass you have broken into pieces.
  • In this country, instead of voting for a politician in the elections, they make you want to throw everyone out in general.
  • The municipal council has met and the one with the highest position has given good advice .
  • I don’t like to go hunting in the forest, besides, that day I have to get married .
  • While lightning strikes next to my house, I grate cheese for the ham pizza.
  • The Rayo Vallecano player has a recent injury and suffers from the twin in his left leg.
  • My ex-husband comes to tell me that we need to separate property .
  • The day before yesterday my cousin revealed to me that her partner rebelled against the police.
  • I’m trying to cure the bull’s horn until my father comes and replaces me.
  • The car door wouldn’t open and I thought I’d have to call a locksmith.
  • oh ! _ You thought I was going to win the blind chess tournament.
  • That woman prays every night in her bed for an hour .
  • I need to go to the wall of China which is in Asia .
  • My Law professor is going to explain what recording is and for that I need to record the class.
  • That man is very correct and educated, he could perfectly have been a baron in ancient times.

More examples of homophone sentences

  • The Spanish country yields and the FIFA headquarters celebrates it in a big way.
  • I don’t know if it’s chance  but we always have to grill on very sunny days.
  • While I have a cup of coffee I am reading that the employment rate has dropped.
  • In this meeting you have to learn that you must not allow yourself to be apprehended by any person.
  • Mikel and Pablo have made peace and have begun to make some passes .
  • I don’t understand how you can’t see that I was so tired that time.
  • bah ! _ I really know that our basketball team is not going to win.
  • In today’s session we are going to deal with the subject of the governor’s voluntary transfer .
  • My hundred -year-old grandmother puts her  temple on the pillow to sleep well.
  • In ancient times, a feudal lord could have deer and serfs at his mercy
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