Examples of how to write a formal complaint

This is how a document is known in which a statement is written to show a disagreement with a company or personal situation, in addition to denouncing that some of the rights as consumers have been altered. It is also known as a letter of complaint, which shows a negative message but for this reason, aggressiveness or arrogance should not be shown, better to do it with education and respect.

Some of the most common cases to write a formal complaint are:

  • Poor service in a restaurant, hotel, or vacation spot.
  • Loss of luggage by an airline.
  • Breach of a mobile phone contract.
  • Delivery of a product in poor condition.

Do you want to see an example of how to write a formal complaint letter? Do not hesitate to continue reading this article because it can be very useful to you!

Formal Complaint Letter Example 1

Monica Brooks

C/Gaztambide nº1 3ºD

San Sebastian, 01000

February 15, 2021

Dear Mr. Miguel de Langarica from the Wook company :

I am writing to inform you that on February 5, 2021, I purchased an HP 15S-FQ2038NS laptop. I made this purchase at the store on Calle Santurtzi, here in San Sebastian.

Unfortunately, the product does not work properly because it takes a long time to turn on and open applications. I even have problems with the screen because sometimes the computer turns on, but the screen stays black.

In this case I need the laptop to be checked and fixed for a better use of it and thus solve these problems. I attach a copy of the transaction receipts concerning this purchase.

I am waiting for a response and a solution for this problem, I will wait up to 30 days before assisting a third party as I urgently need it. Please do not forget to contact me by sending a letter to this address or by calling my mobile phone.

Sincerely, Monica Brooks

2 Examples of Formal Complaint Letter

Julian Miravilla

Account number: XXX….

July 7, 2021

Dear direct Alberto Moreno of Unicaja Banca:

My name is Julián Miravilla and I am a customer of the Unicaja Banca bank and I have come to claim the reimbursement of an amount of money that has been withdrawn from my account with no apparent explanation.

When reviewing my account statement I have detected a movement of transactions that I have not made and I would like to find a solution to it.

Below I enclose the dates, movements and unrecognized amounts so that you can verify it:

Date Movement Amount
June 15, 2021 PCBox €20.35
June 23, 2021  Sevice commission €15.65
June 25, 2021 douglas €10.35
July 1, 2021 Commission for sending ordinary mail €4.50
Total: 50.85#

To verify the above, I enclose some of the documents to prove my complaint, so I request you to review this situation so that the origin of these charges is clarified.

I expect an answer as soon as possible so that this type of situation with unrecognized charges never happens again from your bank.

Sincerely, Julian Miravilla

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