Examples of hydroxides

A hydroxide is a ternary chemical compound that is formed with an oxygen, a hydrogen, and a metal component . To produce a hydroxide when dissolved in water, it disintegrates and releases the hydroxyl group as well as the metal. The hydroxide has a strong and basic nature since the hydroxyl group is capable of attracting protons, and for this reason, it is called a base.

Due to its strong nature, the hydroxide can change the color of the pH indicator from red to blue, and if there is an appearance of phenolphthalein, the solution changes from having no color to being pink. Also, hydroxyl has reaction with acid to generate water and salt.

The nomenclature of this chemical substance is carried out as follows: first the metal or other elemental oxide, and second the hydroxyl group that has to be in parentheses. Various examples of the hydroxide will be discussed below.

examples of hydroxides

  • Cupric hydroxide or Cu(OH) 2 : used for coloring porcelain.
  • Sodium hydroxide or NaOH: it is used in the field of fabric and also for the manufacture of paper and cleaning products.
  • Barium hydroxide or Ba(OH) 2 : it is used in sugar exploitation, in the preparation of paints and different toxins.
  • Strontium hydroxide or Sr(OH) 2 : it is used as a plastic binder and for the refining treatment of sugar beet glucose.
  • Potassium hydroxide or KOH: it is used to make soap.
  • Harmonium hydroxide or NH 4 OH: it is used to remove color as a refresher in cleaning articles or for pH management, among others.
  • Silver hydroxide or Ag(OH) 4 : it is a very fine powder that has a brown or black color. It is used in batteries and to increase oxide in chemical preparations.
  • Lead (IV) hydroxide or Pb(OH) 4 : it is used for what covers the cables.
  • Tin hydroxide (II) or Sn(OH) 2 : it is used in dyes in the textile industry.
  • Chromium (III) hydroxide or Cr(OH) 3 : it is used in the manufacture of paint, specifically to achieve the green color.
  • Ferric hydroxide or Fe(OH) 3 : it has a reddish-brown color and is used in the preparation of medicines.

More examples of hydroxides

  • Zinc hydroxide or Zn(OH) 2 : used as a chemical solvent.
  • Lithium hydroxide or LiOH: it is used in the extraction of CO2 or carbon dioxide in closed places such as a submarine or a space station.
  • Platinum (IV) hydroxide or Pt(OH) 4 : it is used for the manufacture of wires that are very light.
  • Cobalt hydroxide or Co(OH) 2 : it is used to make cobalt salt as it is a hard and resistant element.
  • Calcium hydroxide or Ca(OH) 2 : it is the famous dead lime, very necessary in construction. It is also used in agriculture and other industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals or food.
  • Manganese hydroxide or Mn(OH) 3 : they make up different types of green glass.
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