Examples of idioms

An idiom is a concept that is defined as the expression that is used in an environment that is not formal and its meaning is not found literally in the words that make up the sentence . To do this, you have to know the area in which it is being used, in addition to knowing what its signifier is.

This expression in one way or another figures the culture of a homeland and the inhabitants who live in it, adding the environment and the elements with which they are used to dealing. All this comes because they are the elements that are added to the sentences that make up an idiom.

Be in the moon

Being on the moon is used when a person is very clueless and does not pay attention to what is being told. For example: “Julia you are over the moon, I told you four bananas and you have brought six”.

Drown in a glass of water

Drowning in a glass of water is linked to the person who becomes distressed very quickly and does not find a way to get things done and then, in the face of any change, no matter how small, is not able to solve it. For example: “For two things you have to do you go and drown in a glass of water.”

Cost an arm and a leg

Costing an arm and a leg refers to when a person is going to buy something and it is very expensive or when they are going to carry out an action and it is very difficult . For example: “I went for a bag and it cost me an arm and a leg”.

The straw that breaks the camel’s back

The straw that breaks the camel’s back refers to a person experiencing a series of problems that add up one after another and there comes a time when one more problem is already the limit. For example: “My aunt told me that there has been another explosion in the subway, it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Make a clean slate

Making a clean slate is used at the moment in which some type of altercation has arisen between two individuals or even more that has caused tension and that situation is wanted to be put aside and continue with the union. For example: “Carmen, let’s not talk about this anymore, better to make a clean slate.”

Beat around the bush

Going through the branches is used at the moment in which an individual discourages the topic being discussed and ends up talking about something else. For example: “When your grandfather tells the story of the apple tree, he goes off the deep end.”

Caught red-handed

Catching someone red-handed refers to the situation where a person finds someone doing something that they shouldn’t be doing, that was illegal, or that they didn’t want others to know about. For example: “The ertzaintza came to the bank and caught the criminals red-handed.

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