Examples of imperative sentences

The imperative sentence or also called jussive is defined as one that has the function of requesting, commanding, begging or ordering another individual or individuals to perform some type of action. These types of sentences usually have exclamation marks (!) as it increases interest but it is not a mandatory rule, so there are also sentences without signs.

It is common for a hierarchical role to be expressed since the sender of the message is the one who sends a message to the receiver so that the latter behaves in a manner consistent with what is requested, ordered, begged or advised through the phrase imperative.

Next, to show the theory in practice, different examples of imperative sentences will be shown , on the one hand with signs and on the other hand without them, being negative or affirmative sentences, among others.

Examples of imperative sentences with signs

  • Everyone come take a look at this item!
  • Don’t touch that, it might crack!
  • Get out of your house and have a good day!
  • Close the tap that wastes the water!
  • Eat the vegetables before they go bad!
  • Buy me some candy, please!
  • Snack and start studying!
  • Select what best suits you but think about it well!
  • Get the dog off the couch at once!
  • Turn off the heater first!
  • Don’t ignore me while I’m talking to you!
  • Do not eat sweets after snack!
  • You are forbidden to watch that scary series!
  • Get out of here before I come back!
  • Don’t fool me to my face because you’re going to get in trouble!
  • Be careful when you cross the zebra crossing!
  • Sale to minors prohibited!
  • I advise you not to disappear from the map again!
  • Scrub the dishes after use!
  • Don’t make too much noise!
  • Come back in the afternoon so we can talk about it!
  • You will not mate with that individual!
  • Put a washing machine and don’t forget to hang out in the yard!

Examples of imperative sentences without signs

  • Walking on the lawn is prohibited.
  • Buy me this remote control car, please.
  • Give me that notebook.
  • Come to my birthday party.
  • The use of mobile phones in class is prohibited.
  • Parking is prohibited at this establishment.
  • You have to see this series, it will not disappoint you.
  • Please get up.
  • Raise your hand those who want more.
  • It is mandatory to fasten the seat belt.
  • Do your homework first.
  • You have to hear this news.
  • Stop insulting people on the street.
  • Running in the psychiatric area of ​​the hospital is prohibited.
  • Listen to me and look at me when I am talking to you.
  • Get out of here, please.
  • Before leaving, say goodbye, it is a common rule.
  • Say what you want anyway I’m going to do the excursion.
  • Do your biology homework first.
  • Give food to that man on the corner.
  • You have to know that this does not stop here.
  • Turn off the sewing machine.
  • Stop being ‘foolish’ in public, please.
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