Examples of inertia

The concept of inertia is linked to Newton’s first law or also called the law of inertia and was devised by Isaac Newton, an English physicist and mathematician who established the foundations of classical mechanics in which this law is found together with the  second law of Newton and the third. It is defined as the characteristic that a specific body has of maintaining its state of rest or uniform rectilinear movement if not influenced by an external force that changes everything.

This means that any body is always in the same state as the initial one, so if it is in motion it will remain in that state until someone or something stops it , and if it is stopped the same thing happens and an external force will change it.

examples of inertia

  • When there is a stationary car and you have to push, what happens is that at the beginning it is difficult because it puts resistance to movement, but once it begins to move more easily thanks to the push, inertia is being used.
  • When the washing machine is in spin mode, it rotates quickly, then the drum applies a force to the clothes inside and the inertia of the water droplets that pass through the holes pass by, then the inertia of the drops makes them remove water from clothing .
  • When a car that is en route at a high speed encounters an impediment and turns, it is due to the inertia of the object in question, which is quite massive.
  • When a toy tower is made with several blocks and a powerful blow is given to one of the blocks below, there are options for it to come out without the rest falling apart, since inertia is used for that. This is basically because the bodies that are immobile will continue in the same way, immobile.
  • If a person is pedaling on the bicycle, they are obviously moving forward, but if they stop pedaling, they will continue to move a little more until the friction overcomes them and they stop.

More examples of inertia

  • The elevator can go up or down, but when it reaches the indicated floor, the individual who goes in the elevator will notice a small jump due to the inertia that the elevator has of continuing to move and not being able to do it.
  • In a roller coaster there is a very steep slope and when the cars go down at a high speed, what they do is accumulate potential energy so that it later goes up the slope, all this produced by inertia.
  • In a professional athletics race, runners carry so much speed that when they reach the finish line they continue running a few more meters until they stop due to the inertia that occurs. One of the most obvious examples is the 100-meter dash competition where they go over the finish line.

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