Examples of interrogative sentences

The sentence is a group of words that have syntactic freedom , this means that the sentence transfers a consistent idea and depending on the information that is to be expressed there are different types of sentences . In this case, the interrogative sentence is defined as the phrase used to request information about anything in particular.

This type of prayer can be classified into:

  • Direct interrogative: the sentence in which question marks are used or in the phonic case a specific intonation.
  • Indirect interrogative: the sentence in which there are no question marks or intonation, but rather it is the subordinate phrase that asks the question.

These sentences are intended to get an answer or are used for the insightful manifestation of a proposition or command. In this article, different examples of interrogative sentences  , whether direct or indirect, will be presented.

Direct Interrogative Sentences

  • How much do these Dolce & Gabbana jeans cost?
  • Have you come to live alone in Madrid?
  • How old you?
  • Why do you want me to do your homework for you?
  • Where do you have to go this morning?
  • How long have you been working at the La Tinaja bar?
  • What time is it now in Argentina?
  • How are you today?
  • Do you like cherry-flavored Coca-Cola soda?
  • Can you bring me with the car to buses?
  • Do your parents live in the country house or in the flat in Madrid?
  • Do you want to eat at my Uncle Fran’s restaurant?
  • Coffee or Cola Cao?
  • Where do you want to go on vacation this Christmas?
  • Who went to your cousin Andoni’s party yesterday?
  • Where do you have the money for the graduation trip hidden?
  • How many euros do these sunglasses cost?
  • Are you okay after yesterday’s hit?

indirect interrogative sentences

  • English tourists asked me where the Fnac de Callao was located.
  • Sometimes I wonder what else I can do to fix the situation.
  • The patient asked how many more times the ear drops had to be instilled.
  • Guillermo is asking who is going to his costume party.
  • I wonder how many times we have gone to the park to feed the pigeons.
  • Tell me where you live and what your favorite hobbies are.
  • The teacher asked the students if they had done their math homework.
  • Lucas asked what we wanted for dinner on Saturday.
  • We have to ask them where they are going on vacation this summer.
  • My parents always ask me how I am.
  • I have asked my boss what is the news that I have to post on the blog .
  • The director of the musical asked me if I wanted to extend the agreement.
  • The girls in my class asked the teacher what the end-of-year field trip was.
  • Your cousin Juan Carlos asked me where the Disney shirt was from .
  • My uncle wants to know how many people are going to the barbecue on Saturday.
  • Some strangers asked me where I lived.
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