Examples of intransitive sentence

The intransitive sentence is one that does not include a direct object , so it is capable of forming by itself a Predicate Phrase whose function is to inform about the subject by locating the verb and asking who has done the action. This type of sentence has an intransitive verb, this means that it cannot have a direct object or an indirect object linked to it, for example, the athlete climbs fast.

Regarding the intransitive verb, we can specify that the action carried out by the verb cannot be transferred to an object, since it is a type of action that has a complete meaning without the need to involve the subject (number ending and person carrying the verb form).

intransitive sentence examples

  • They left together for the city of Berlin and never came back.
  • Are you coming with us to the basketball game?
  • The cousins ​​played calmly in the living room.
  • The drinks they bought were very expensive because they were exclusive.
  • The cyclist arrived too slowly at the finish line.
  • A moon lit up in the middle of the sky.
  • The students of the school sing in such a way that their voices blend.
  • His heart beats very hard when he is with her.
  • When they are very angry they don’t think about anything.
  • Lucas got up very early because he worked in the morning.
  • The friends dressed appropriately for Miguel’s wedding.
  • The installation of computer antivirus failed because another one was already installed.
  • Our friendship was resurrected much stronger.
  • Sometimes we philosophize about today’s society.
  • Tattoos  hurt even if they put an anesthetic cream on you.
  • At night my dog ​​barks outside my room.
  • She does not dream of great success but of a less cruel world.
  • Andrea and Jairo are still together despite all the conflicts.
  • The participant failed in the second round of the games.
  • Many people theorize about a government ruse.
  • They walked without a fixed direction for several hours.
  • This thug student spends his time talking in class.
  • After a very long day I fell asleep .
  • The antagonist lives a few more weeks after that scene.
  • The looters appeared through the back door.

More examples of intransitive sentences

  • In a strange way, some colleagues from the University attended the party.
  • Downstairs television is too loud.
  • The study I’m working on isn’t progressing properly yet.
  • My cousin Eduardo drinks almost every day in the summer.
  • When he came out of the sea, the woman was no longer breathing .
  • Some languages  ​​die because few speakers remain.
  • Your cat has become ill with toxoplasmosis that another cat infected.
  • Breathe out slowly and then inhale again.
  • She hardly  speaks  when she is in a large group of people.
  • His brothers will not vote because they are not convinced by any of the candidates.
  • I’m going to a concert with my older brothers next month.
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