Examples of isotopes

At the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of isotope began to be used and it was Frederick Soddy who invented it, an English scientist who is known in the history of chemistry for having carried out a multitude of investigations on radioactive elements . Thanks to this, he won several highly relevant awards such as the Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Oxford or the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Therefore, it was he who first used the word isotope, which means the plurality of atoms that have an atomic number that form the same element even though their mass number is different.

This article will show different isotopes and what they are used for.

examples of isotopes

  • Carbon 11: it is used in the analysis of mental disorders and also for positron emission tomography or PET, which is thus known as a technology used in health to investigate the metabolic activity of the body by means of an image.
  • Carbon 14: a radioactive isotope that is used to determine how old archaeological remains with organic substance are, especially more so in samples that are less than 60,000 years old.
  • Iodine 123: has the objective of having a positive effect against cancer, specifically in the thyroid, since it eliminates certain cells that are carcinogenic without harming the rest of the body.
  • Cobalt 60: It is used to analyze certain chemical reactions and also to destroy pathogenic germs that are or may be in medical equipment . Another of its uses is for medical radiotherapy, as in the case of cancer, or for industrial X-rays, bearing in mind that it is very toxic.
  • Gold 198: it is used for the excavation of wells where fuel fluid can be found and extracted.
  • Lanthanum 140: It is used for heaters and ovens in factories.
  • Mercury 147: it is used for the abstraction through electric current of ionized elements.
  • Scandium 46: used to analyze the soil and its residues.
  • Tritium: It is an isotope of hydrogen that is used to make wristwatches that shine in a dark environment, as well as offering a lot of self-sustaining light that stays bright throughout the evening.

More examples of isotopes

  • Phosphorus 32: It is linked to the medical field since it is used in tests related to bones, in addition to bone marrow.
  • Phosphorus 33: if you need to see DNA nuclei and then recognize them, this is the ideal isotope.
  • Deuterium 2H: it is used as an explorer in the analysis of certain chemical reactions , in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and in cold fusion if the reaction that takes place in the Sun is emulated.
  • Arsenic 73: with this isotope it is possible to detect how much arsenic is inhaled in the body.
  • Arsenic 74: an essential isotope since it is used to diagnose and locate the brain tumor.
  • Uranium 235: it is used in artificial places such as nuclear power plants with the aim of offering nuclear energy and being used to make atomic bombs.
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