Examples of linking verbs

Copulative verbs refer to verbs that do not communicate an action like most of them, rather they aim to connect the subject with an attribute, answering the question of how they are or how they are at a certain moment. It should be noted that there are only 3: to be, to be and to seem, which are part of the attributive sentences, which in turn are formed by a noun , a linking verb and an attribute.

If a linking verb appears in the sentence, the predicate is not verbal but nominal , basically because the verb does not inform about the verbal action but rather gives extra information about the subject in question.

Examples of linking verbs in the present

Be Be Look
Me Am Am I look like
You Are Are you seem
The It is This Seems
Us Are We are we seem
You You are you are you seem
They Are Is it so They look like

Examples of linking verbs in the past


Be Be Look
Me It was I was Looked like
You Ages you were you seemed
The It was I was Looked like
Us We were we were we seemed
You you were were you you seemed
They Were They were they seemed

Examples of linking verbs in the future

Be Be Look
Me I will be I will be I will seem
You You will you will be you will seem
The Will be Will be will seem
Us we will be We will be We will seem
You you will be you will be You will seem
They will be they will be They will seem

Examples of sentences with linking verbs

  • The University costume party will be excellent.
  • The mountain has been empty for a few days.
  • The sportswear was totally wet from the rain.
  • That mare is old and a little sick.
  • Your uncles will be very tired from the car trip.
  • Look closely, Lucas looks a lot like his cousin Alberto.
  • The patients in this hospital are very well cared for.
  • As a child, Mari Ángeles was very chubby.
  • The flowers in the garden look like daisies and gardenias.
  • Your cousins ​​Juan and Miguel are good students.
  • Physics and Chemistry exercises seem very difficult.
  • “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is very good.
  • Your sister Michelle looks like a model from NY.
  • In that hard time I was also a soldier.
  • The berry tart seemed much tastier.
  • Ander, Guzmán and Polo are very good friends.
  • The parody from a while ago was very entertaining.
  • Next to you I was just another salaried worker.
  • Clear hearing aids are for deafness.
  • Unfortunately our brothers are unemployed.
  • After the accident the car is totally broken.
  • The English exam looks like it will be easy.
  • The spotlights of the play look like a rainbow.
  • The workers in this store are really young.
  • The keyboard is broken because of Juan José.
  • He didn’t go to the party because he had a high fever.
  • My mother was very happy for the birth of Juliet.
  • When we finish the work it will be excellent.
  • The students are very nervous about the exam.
  • The company meeting will be in the boss’s office.
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