Examples of metalinguistic function

In general, it is one of the 6 functions that language provides and each of them has different purposes and objectives that are offered to language at the time of communication. It is defined as the way in which an individual expresses himself to communicate on the same language  , taking into account his style, his norms and his meaning.

This function is used when we deal with the meaning of a word, a phrase or the context in general, also when they focus on the rules that exist in pronunciation , etc., and for this encyclopedias, dictionaries or grammar books are used.

Examples of metalinguistic function

  • Antonyms without different words that reflect the opposite meaning, for example, fast and slow or clean and dirty.
  • One of the rules of accentuation is that the acute ones are accentuated when they end in “n”, “s” or a vowel.
  • In written language, proper nouns are capitalized even if there is no period before it.
  • Polysemic words are those that are written and pronounced the same but have a different meaning, as is the case with bank (group of fish or institution).
  • The “double r” like the word stream is pronounced in a very strong way and is achieved when the tongue vibrates with the palate
  • Globally, when people communicate orally, the letter “h” is silent with what is not pronounced . It is true that in some variations of Spanish the “h” is aspirated and if it is pronounced.
  • There are words and sentences that are the same or very similar but it is true that they can have a different meaning depending on the pronunciation or the context in which it is manifested.
  • There is a rule of the language in which it is said that before the letters “p” and “b” an “m” is always written and not an “n”.
  • There are words that can have elements that modify them and that happens with affixes, which change the meaning of the word. It is classified into two that are suffixes if the morpheme is placed after the root or prefixes if it is placed in front.

More examples of metalinguistic function

  • Roman numerals are capitalized, for example “X”, “I” or “M”.
  • The adjective is a kind of word that is used to describe certain features of nouns.
  • The letters are classified into two groups, in the first the vowels are placed and in the second the consonants.
  • The imperative verb mood is used to express an order, a request or a request.
  • There are some sentences that are exclamatory and to fulfill the function of expressing states of mind or emotion, it is necessary to give them a particular intonation.
  • In a poem it is necessary that some words rhyme and for that they have to have a very similar ending in the last syllable.
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