Examples of modified games

All those in which the essence of one or a whole form of sports games is compiled, taking into account that the rules and ways of playing are changed to make it much more entertaining and everyone can participate. On many occasions the well-known “rivalry” does not exist, rather they are ways of learning totally new skills as well as fostering creativity for better development.

They do not focus so much on the demands or technical demands but on the tactics to give a greater emphasis to the games and that all those who have less physical ability and who feel excluded in other types of games such as football or handball can participate. , for instance.

blind football

The duration of blind soccer is 10 to 15 minutes and there must be between 16 and 24 players divided into 2 teams and each of them grouped 2 by 2. They have to hold hands and one of them blindfolded depending for it of the communication that you can establish with your partner. The objective is to score the goals, but only those who have their eyes covered.

animal families

This game starts from the moment in which the participants have to take a piece of paper on which there is a drawing or the name of an animal, keeping in mind that some of them must coincide. The moderator is the one who gives the signal for everyone to say which animal they got and begin to imitate the animal in question  and group together.

let’s build a bridge

Let’s Build a Bridge is a quick game because it only lasts 5-10 minutes. It is about forming a circle and leaving a good space inside while the participants must be quiet and communicate with each other with signs and gestures. The ground inside the circle cannot be touched and the goal is to create a kind of bridge with garments to take the essence of life.

Four corners

This game consists of 4 corners and each of them must be occupied by a player, while the fifth is left out. So, this asks what is in the house to rent? and they answer “Somewhere else that this one is occupied”. At that moment the rest of the players move places and that is when the eliminated player must take advantage and occupy one of the empty places.

The 21st

21 is a modified game that has to do with basketball, so it is played with at least two players, a ball and a basket.

The objective of this game is to reach 21 points first ; one point is awarded if the player scores from inside the area and two points if he scores from the three-shot line. The distinction is that when you go to shoot, you are not allowed to move from the shooting line.

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