Examples of monosyllabic words

It is defined as the word that cannot be separated into syllables basically because it only contains one and then it is seen as a single unit. The most common is that these types of words are short since they are made up of at most four minimal phonological units that seem to sound continuously.

In grammar there are some basic rules and one of them states that monosyllabic words do not usually have an orthographic accent , so their diction is weak or unaccented, although this does not mean that there are exceptions such as some nouns or personal pronouns.

In general, they are usually used in everyday life since they are very useful and to strengthen the theory, different examples of sentences with monosyllabic words will be presented.

Examples of monosyllabic words

  • Today we are all CAV students at Cadena Dial .
  • They want to be at the bar tomorrow night.
  • I would like to find a faithful person .
  • Juan wants to go to my friend’s house to see a movie.
  • Don’t think badly  of people.
  • He ‘s settling for pass in Mathematics.
  • In that garden is the most beautiful flower of all.
  • My cousin has been with her boyfriend for 7 years.
  • You have to learn to count up to the number ten .
  • In the month of July we are going to go to several Italian cities.
  • Tomorrow the gas bill will arrive .
  • From the top of the mountain I see how the sun shines.
  • In Argentina there has been a lot of fight for the Abortion Law .
  • Tomorrow you have to buy shower gel .
  • Lidya loves to sit and watch the sea at sunset.
  • My mother is going to pick me up at the Getafe driving school.
  • Antonio José won the La voz program .
  • King Felipe VI is the Head of State of the Spanish country .
  • You have to add a little salt but without going over.
  • Jimena has a fish  named Juanito.
  • My girlfriend and I see each other in 2 days in the city of Barcelona.
  • All my friends want to join the mountain club .
  • You taught me that to love is to deliver.
  • More naive was I who left without asking for anything.

More examples of monosyllabic words

  • Honey reminds me of the Winnie the Pooh cartoon.
  • At the bakery they gave me a very crusty bread .
  • Today I have to get a fax at work.
  • My boyfriend ‘s store is on Gran Vía in Madrid.
  • plan must be executed for these two to reconcile.
  • Leo Messi is nicknamed ‘ God ‘.
  • I know you are very much in love with the girl next door.
  • There is no need to be such a cool person in this life.
  • In the Church of San Ignacio I made communion years ago.
  • I want a black tea with berries.
  • I have a bruise on my foot from yesterday’s blow.
  • Oops ! _ Little more and I win the game of ping-pong to Javier.
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