Examples of moral judgment

Moral judgment is the reasoning that occurs in the mind of each human being  in relation to a specific behavior or situation, confirming or refuting their morality. In addition, it is based on the values ​​and moral rules that have been instilled in the person either by the family, the school, religion, the environment, etc. It is of a personal nature, being the result of a cognitive process that allows meditating on values ​​and organizing them through a coherent hierarchy.

With this, it is valued positively or negatively, in relation to something or someone, judging whether the behavior or the situation is morally appropriate or not. The conclusion depends on the type of norms that are dictated , since in case it is a type of religious morality, the norms can change depending on the religion that is being handled. 

One of the basic principles of any moral judgment is respect , regardless of its cause and/or origin. In this way, each one of the individuals of a certain society must attend to some precepts, which respond to the presentation of different moral judgments .

Moral judgment of theft

Theft is considered a negative act , but in the event that an individual steals because he is unemployed and cannot feed his family, the moral judgment on his action may not be so harshly viewed or his behavior may even be be tolerable.

moral judgment of prostitution

In most communities, prostitution as an activity is valued immorally or may be punished by justice. Today, many individuals think that engaging in prostitution is not an amoral act, but the exploitation suffered by these people when they are forced to engage in it is.

moral judgment of sacrifice

From the moral point of view, sacrifice for other people is often considered positive, but today the morality of many individuals is associated with self -interest and egomania. This can cause people who choose to sacrifice themselves for another, even if they are praised from a moral point of view, to be criticized in different ways.

Moral judgment of blood transfusion

From a religious point of view, blood transfusion is immoral, for example Jehovah’s Witnesses have it as something prohibited. In case you do not belong to any religion, it is considered reprehensible that you do not receive the transfusion  since it can save lives.

Moral judgment of abortion

Today, there is quite a bit of controversy regarding the ethics of abortion , and the debates are based on conflicting moral judgments on the issue of a pregnant woman having the option to stop her pregnancy. These types of judgments are based on different moral values ​​in relation to the beginning of the life of the human being.

moral judgment of violence

Violence is judged in a negative way, but sometimes, depending on the circumstance, it is judged positively . For example, it is accepted when an individual has to defend their physical integrity or that of someone who is helpless.

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