Examples of Newton’s Second Law

Newton’s laws of motion are three principles created by thought to give a demonstration of what happens with dynamics, inertia and force , specifically with the movement and rest of objects. For the scientist, the force that intervenes in the mass causes it to change its speed and direction, this means that the force accelerates or decelerates the body.

As for Newton’s second law, it focuses on the force and the direction that changes the movement that is given by a driving force that the object in question has. In short, the speed of the active body is linked to the force that is added to it to modify its movement from one place to another.

This Newton’s Second Law article is going to show you day-to-day examples to see the theory applied to practice.

Example 1

A boy has to transport a bench and a chair from one class to another, first he passes the chair without any difficulty but when he has to carry the bench he realizes that it is quite difficult and he goes much more slowly . So even though the guy applies the same force to both things, the one with more weight causes a reduction in speed.

Example 2

When a person is going to kick the ball, he exerts a force with a specific trajectory , which is where he has to go, and furthermore, if he kicks the ball harder, this force is applied to the ball and the distance reached will be greater.

Example 3

If two individuals, one with more weight than the other, walk together down the street in the same way and with the same force, the one with more weight goes less fast and the one with less mass goes the opposite way because his speed is much greater. older .

Example 4

There is a box placed on the ground and another one is placed on top of it, when the individual is going to drag both what it generates is that if an object with a certain mass is doubled and the person who is going to pull them has the same force , what happens is that there is going to be a deceleration.

Examples 5

The mass of a car and a motorcycle is totally different since the first one is larger, therefore it  needs more force to have more speed , taking into account that they have the same measurements. At the moment that the motorcycle goes at 120 km/h for 80 km, it is logical that less diesel is used than a car going at the same speed and on the same route.

Example 6

When playing the sport of baseball, you have to know that the speed of the ball is going to have to do with the proportional force that the individual applies to the bat and inversely to the mass. It is true that in the course of the ball’s path, the force of the air can also intervene in the direction.

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