Examples of passive voice sentences

The passive voice is defined as a construction or a verbal inflection in which the subject remains in a state of passivity in the sentence, calling him a patient subject. Meanwhile, the action carried out by the lexical class that reflects an action is carried out by the so-called agent complement and not the agent subject, which would be called that in the active voice.

Therefore, it is a type of conjugation in which the subject takes the grammatical role on behalf of a noun or pronoun that provides meaning to the logical object on the action to which the verb refers.

The sentence in the passive voice is structured in a general way with an object, an action, a by and a subject. Next, different sentences with this type of verbal inflection will be manifested.

Examples of passive voice sentences

  • India was discovered in 1497 by Vasco da Gama.
  • The science work is done by Juanjo.
  • The trampoline jumps are made by Javier Illana.
  • Exotic fruit is eaten by the whole family.
  • The end-of-year trip is organized by the 4th ESO students.
  • The strawberry and cream pancakes were made by my cook uncle.
  • The exam will be held the day after tomorrow by the math teacher.
  • The trombone is played by contestant Alfred.
  • The exercises that were written on the blackboard were erased by a student.
  • The soccer ball was shot by the girl in the blue dress.
  • The autobiographical book was written by Angela Davis in less than two months.
  • The National Currency and Stamp Factory was attacked by a gang wearing a red diver.
  • The patatas bravas they had ordered were served by a very handsome waiter.
  • The second goal of the game was scored by player Iván Rakitic.
  • New clothing items were released by the Nike brand.
  • Ten registrations are made per day.
  • The Doberman breed dog is bathed by Lucia.
  • The van was fixed by the mechanics of the workshop.
  • In earlier periods, girls were invited to the movies by boys.
  • The film was directed by Pedro Almodovar.
  • La Rioja wine is tasted by a very famous wine taster.
  • The dresses for the wedding were chosen by my mother.
  • Andoni was kissed by Fran.
  • The country house was built by my bricklayer uncle.

More examples of passive voice sentences

  • The selectivity exam was approved by 80% of students.
  • An evicted house is going to be destroyed by the demolition company.
  • The summer song Lo malo  is sung by Aitana and Ana.
  • A possible tax evasion is being investigated by the judge.
  • The Montepinar padel tournament was won by 2ºA.
  • In the film the main character has been beaten by the antagonist.
  • My father was taken to the ER by ambulance.
  • Breakfast is being prepared by my sister.
  • The moon was walked on in 1969 by Neil Armstrong.
  • The chest with the treasure is going to be found by Captain Blackbeard.
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