Examples of peace sentence

Peace is a state of well-being, tranquility and security that is contrary to war and hostility when it refers to a country, but it also refers to a state of mind with oneself and with others. Peace is what is desired throughout the world and to achieve it requires a person to have respect and be open to communication, regardless of cultural values.

Alfons Banda, member of the Governing Board of the International Catalan Institute for Peace, defines peace as ” the human aspiration to live one’s own life and that of the communities to which they belong in an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being (…)”.

Below are various prayers for peace .

peace sentence examples

  • “Men build many walls but few bridges” (Newton). It is a phrase that encourages people to try to solve the problems that arise in life.
  • “Not enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it and work for it” (Roosvelt). This shows that everyone should be taught to be tolerant and respect all people other than oneself.
  • “ Peace begins with a smile ” (Teresa de Calcutta). Sometimes a gesture is worth a thousand words and smiling at people is a way of being kind.
  • “If you want peace, don’t talk to your friends. Talk to your enemies” (Dayan). He wants to imply that to find an understanding it is necessary to approach everyone.
  • “Either we all walk towards peace together, or we will never find it” (Franklin). Among all the individuals, a world can be built in which there are no conflicts, but for that, will and coordination are necessary.

More Examples of Peace Prayers

  • God, why do you allow wars to happen in this world? Why do you allow innocent people to die unjustly? I cannot know everything, I only trust that your people will be able to find in heaven that peace that they have not found on earth, since there will be no war there.

Oh, blessed God, allow my soul to be serene in you. Let your opulent tranquility rule my interior. Rule me, O King of Calm, King of Peace.

  • O Christ, make me an instrument of your peace . Where there is hatred, let me bring affection and love. Where there is contempt, let me bear indulgence. Where there is uncertainty, I carry hope. Where there is sadness, I bring happiness. Where there is darkness, let me bring the light.
  • Make us be humans of tranquility and heirs of peace, and kindle in us the fire of your love.
  • Lord, I only ask you to help me find the peace that I so desire when difficulties cross my path. I only ask you to help me manage each and every one of my emotions, since I think you have everything under control.
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